OKHE SMARTSmart water heater with electronic thermostat and the option of connection to HDO. It includes autodidactic algorithm and heats water if required. It is possible to switch to several modes (MANUAL, MANUAL HDO, OPTIMUM, PROG, SMART, ANTI FREEZE). The heater is controlled by means of the operating system Android/iOS.


Heating flange


This device is used for electric heating of hot utility water designed for fitting into the flanged hole of OKCE 100–300 S and OKC 100–300NTR(NTRR)/BP water heaters. The heating unit is equipped with ceramic heating elements and operating and safety thermostat with the hot utility water temperature regulation range 5–74 °C. Heating flange TPK 210/12 can also be used in storage tanks with flange, thus NAD v1, NAD v3-v5 a NADO v1-v3.

Řez topnou přírubou
By using the adaptor flange 225/210 the user may use flanged built-in electric heating units of the following types: TPK 210/12 for OKCE S and OKC NTR(NTRR)/BP heaters with volumes between 750 and 1000 l.



Heating flange
TPK 168–8/2,2kW

Heating flange
TPK 210–12/2,2kW

Heating flange
TPK 210–12/3–6kW,
TPK 210-12/5-6 kW,
TPK 210-12/8-12kW
For volumes from 100 l to 250 l For volumes 300 l For volumes 300 l

Technical data

TypeTPK 168–8/2,2kWTPK 210–12/2,2kWTPK 210–12/3–6kWTPK 210–12/5–9kWTPK 210-12/8-12kW
Output [kW] 2,2 2,2 3–4–6 5-7-9 8-10-12
Supply 1/N/PE ~ 230V/50Hz 1/N/PE ~ 230V/50Hz

1/N/PE ~ 230V/50Hz


3/N/PE ~ 400V/50Hz

3/N/PE ~ 400V/50Hz 3/N/PE ~ 400V/50Hz
Heating element lenght [mm] 405 440 440 550 550
Electric protection category IP42 IP42 IP42 IP42 IP42
Weight [kg] 4,2 6,6 12 13,6 14
Scale of set temperature [°C] 16 16 20,3 x 16* 3 x 20 3 x 25


TPK 210-12/3-6kW