OKHE SMARTSmart water heater with electronic thermostat and the option of connection to HDO. It includes autodidactic algorithm and heats water if required. It is possible to switch to several modes (MANUAL, MANUAL HDO, OPTIMUM, PROG, SMART, ANTI FREEZE). The heater is controlled by means of the operating system Android/iOS.


Ribbed tubular heat exchanger


RWT 1 water-water type heat exchanger is designed for building into the water heater OKC 300–500 NTR(NTRR)/BP and OKCE 400–500 S. The electric water heater OKCE 400–1000 S may be rebuilt to exchanger water heater. The exchanger is fitted to the flanged hole of the heater.


  • It is used as a second heat exchanger for heating all volume of the heater or increasing of output of fixed built-in exchangers in the heater.


Řez vestavěným žebrovým trubkovým výměníkem tepla


Embedded ribbed tubular heat exchanger RWT series (only for volume 300/400/500 liters/1MPa)Embedded ribbed tubular heat exchanger RWT series
RWT 1–110D

Technical data

TypeRWT 1–110D
Overall dimensions (ø x length (±10 mm)) ø186 x 490
Installation length (± 10 mm) 370
Installation diameter (± 10 mm) 140
Weight [kg] 10
Screw connection G3/4"
Spacing outlets [mm] 60
Heating surface [m2] 1,1
Volume exchanger [l] 0,8
Maximum operating temperature / overpressure in the exchanger C / bar] 95 / 10
Pressure loss in the exchanger at a flow rate 780 l / h [mbar] 200
Performance exchanger at a flow rate of 780 l of 80 ° C the heating water and domestic water heating from 10 ° C to 60 ° C [kW] 14,5