OKHE SMARTSmart water heater with electronic thermostat and the option of connection to HDO. It includes autodidactic algorithm and heats water if required. It is possible to switch to several modes (MANUAL, MANUAL HDO, OPTIMUM, PROG, SMART, ANTI FREEZE). The heater is controlled by means of the operating system Android/iOS.




Horizontal heaters

  • Electric storage water heater with horizontal working position designed for premises with insufficient space with volumes of 100–200 litres. The water heater may be mounted on the wall with the supplied suspensions or attached in horizontal position to any appropriate construction. It is always necessary to count with certain space above and below the heater for mounting of the feeding pipeline.
  • Heating is assured by the ceramic heating element controlled by the operating thermostat and protected by the safety thermostat (thermal fuse). The temperature range is 5–74 °C. The connection voltage is 1-PE-N/AC 230 V/50 Hz. The IP 42 electric shielding enables mounting of heaters above baths. Safety valve is included in the delivery.

Main application

  • Heating of hot service water in premises with the possibility to use low tariffs of electric supply (night tariff).


  • Safety valve

Optional equipment

  • Circulation inlet
  • Two- and three-phase connection 400 V/50 Hz
  • Heating element with higher heat output, max. 4 kW (OKCEV 200 only)


Cut of OKCEV


OKCEV 100, OKCEV 125, OKCEV 160, OKCEV 200

Technical data

Volume [l] 100 125 152 200
Max. operating overpressure in the tank [MPa] 0.6
El. connection [V] 1 PE - N 230 V/50 Hz
Input [W] 2 200
El. protection IP 42 IP 42 IP 42 IP 42
Max. warm water temperature [°C] 90
Heater length [mm] 902 1 067 1 255 1 287
Heater diameter [mm] 524 524 524 584
Max. weight of the heater without water [kg] 42 48 54 71
Time of el. heating from 10 °C to 60 °C [hrs] 2.6 3.3 4 5.3
Load profile M L L XL
Daily electricity consumption [kWh] 6.54 11.98 12.43 19.88
Mixed water V40 [l] 164.98 195.75 244.59 301.93


OKCE 50, OKCE 80, OKCE 100, OKCE 125, OKCE 160 (2 závěsy)
OKCE 200