OKHE SMARTSmart water heater with electronic thermostat and the option of connection to HDO. It includes autodidactic algorithm and heats water if required. It is possible to switch to several modes (MANUAL, MANUAL HDO, OPTIMUM, PROG, SMART, ANTI FREEZE). The heater is controlled by means of the operating system Android/iOS.


Stationary 0,6MPa


Stacionary 0.6 MPa heater

  • Electric storage water heater designed for placing on the floor with volumes of 100–250 litres. The temperature range of heating is 5–74 °C. In OKCE x/S 2,2kW types heating is assured by a ceramic heating element with fixed output controlled by the operating thermostat and protected by the safety thermostat (thermal fuse). The connection voltage is 1-PE-N/AC 230 V/50 Hz.
    The heater 160-250 is supplied as a separate storage reservoir without electroinstallation.

Main application

  • Heating of hot service water in premises with the possibility to use low tariffs of electric supply (night tariff).


  • Safety valve


OKCE 100 S/2,2kW

Cut of OKCE 100




Stationary 0.6 MPa – embedded heating element into flange 2.2 kWStationary 0.6 MPa
OKCE 100 S/2,2kW, OKCE 125 S/2,2kW
OKCE 160 S, OKCE 200 S, OKCE 250 S

Technical data

TypeOKCE 100 S/2,2kWOKCE 125 S/2,2kWOKCE 160 SOKCE 200 SOKCE 250 S
Volume [l] 100 125 160 220 259
Weight [kg] 39 45 52 72 76
Max. operating overpressure in the tank [MPa] 0.6
Max. warm water temperature [°C] 90
Heating period from 10 °C to 60 °C [hrs] 2.6 3.3 According to TPK type (accessory)
Load profile M L L XL XL
Daily electricity consumption [kWh] 6.23 12.12 11.96 19.74 19.23
Mixed water V40 [l] 133.17 156.44 235.47 309.67 418.23




OKCE 100 S/2,2 kW, OKCE 125 S/2,2 kW
OKCE 160 S
OKCE 200 S