OKHE SMARTSmart water heater with electronic thermostat and the option of connection to HDO. It includes autodidactic algorithm and heats water if required. It is possible to switch to several modes (MANUAL, MANUAL HDO, OPTIMUM, PROG, SMART, ANTI FREEZE). The heater is controlled by means of the operating system Android/iOS.


Storage tanks without internal tank UKV



We produce steel storage tanks for water in the UKV series 300 and 500. Accumulation tanks UKV can be used as a common tank for heating water or can be connected to the heat pump to ensure its smooth operation.
The tank is supplied with non-detachable polyurethan insulation.

Technical data

Typ  UKV 300 UKV 500
Tank capacity (l)  316 470
Tank diameter [mm] 650 700
Tank height [mm] 1 580 1 937
Max. operating pressure in the tank (MPa)   0,6  0,6 
Min. heating water temperature (°C)  5 5
Max. heating water temperature (°C)    90  90 
Static loss [W] 79 96


     NIBE UKV 300      NIBE UKV 500


  • Installation Manual UKV