Ohřívače a zásobníky teplé vody

The production of DZ Dražice, including over 380 types and modifications of water heaters - boilers, is the result of our longstanding efforts to meet the high requirements of our customers. In the future, we would like to continue developing our philosophy focused on customer satisfaction by introducing new products and innovations of existing products and by applying best practices and technological solutions in production.

crystal enamelThe inner surface of DZD heaters and hot water tanks is protected by the unique Crystal Enamel anti-corrosion coating, which unlike stainless steel is not subject to pitting corrosion in hard and chlorinated water.


thermogen4 Thermogen4 is the fourth generation of ourexclusive insulating foam, which has beendeveloped in cooperation with the company of Covestro, for attaining the most optimalheat- loss coefficients. The key here is a unique mixture tailor-made for our heaters. Itsqualities are in line with all current and future trends in the field of heaters. It excels both inits insulating qualities as well as its shape integrity. Moreover, we are one of the first manu-facturers in Europe able to meet the strictest ecological requirements of the EU, andthereby significantly contribute to protecting the atmosphere and the environment.


ceramic solution The Ceramic Solution dry ceramic heating element is exceptionally well resistant to hard and aggressive water and significantly prolongs the life of the heater and the tank in any conditions.


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