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We in Drazice are not idle and we have improved a new type of low-volume TO heaters for your comfort and safety. New is also the successor to the slim electric boiler OKHE ONE, which bears the designation ONE/E, and expands the compact design with a new electronic thermostat.

EType TO electric water heaters (energy efficiency class A) are manufactured in 5 and 10 litre variants (TO 5 IN, TO 5 UP, TO 10 IN and TO 10 UP) and are designed for very easy installation above (and below) the consumption point. Fast water heating is provided by a heating element with a 1.5 kW power input. The TO water heater consists of several elements, the combination of which significantly increases the life of the boiler and guarantees low heat losses: a steel vessel made of thick sheet metal provided with quality enamel, polyurethane insulation foam with 4th generation blowing agents and a magnesium anode rod. In addition to a number of innovative technologies, we have also developed completely new packaging for the TO type from 100% recyclable materials. You will find more information on TO product page.

The OKHE ONE/E electric boiler retains the great features of its ONE boiler predecessor and complements the compact design with a new electronic thermostat. You will find more information about the OKHE ONE/E boiler on the product page.

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