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We are pleased to announce that we have received - in today’s difficult situation at least virtually - two medals in the Czech Product of the Year 2020 competition for the small-volume water heater TO 10.1 designed for fast heating of water using a heater with a power input of 1.5 kW. This success, which demonstrates the quality of products under the DZD brand, was recorded in the Electronics and Heating Technology category (silver medal) and in the FB voting in the Non-Food Products category (gold medal). We would like to thank you - our customers - and the professional public for the favour and trust you place in us and our products.

The Czech Product Association has been supporting domestic products for 14 years, checking their origin and safety, and granting a licence to use the Czech Product trademark. It also regularly announces a survey of the same name for the best food and non-food products, in which the products are evaluated by representatives of Czech manufacturers or customers according to predetermined parameters, quality and appearance.

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