Floor-standing electric water heaters


Stationary water heater allowing the installation of heating elements - usability table

mozna instalace topne sroubovaci jednotky TJ 6,4 Possible installation of TJ 6/4" heating screw-on unit
* except 160 l models
moznosti vyuziti nizkeho tarifu Possibility of using low electricity tariff (night tariff)
mozna instalace topneho priruboveho telesa Possible installation of TPK heating flange vody vysoce kvalitni izolace covestro High-quality Covestro insulation for low heat loss and minimum operating costs
mozna instalace topne prirubove jednotky R SE Possible installation of heating TPJ, R flange unit elektricke kryti ip 44 The anti-corrosion layer is not subject to pitting corrosion in hard and chlorinated water


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