Wall-mounted combi heaters and storage tanks

OKF/1 m² Combined storage tank

A vertical hot water storage tank with a heat exchanger suitable for different heat sources, with the option to connect an electric heater (to a photovoltaic system, for instance).

ceramic heating element The ceramic heating element significantly extends the service life of the heater  electricity tariff Possibility of using low electricity tariff (night tariff)
anti-corrosion layer The anti-corrosion layer is not subject to pitting corrosion in hard and chlorinated water. Suitable for boilers Suitable for boilers
Covestro insulation High-quality Covestro insulation for low heat loss and minimum operating costs for condensing boilers Also suitable for condensing boilers
Electrical protection IP44 Electrical protection IP44 – can be placed near draw-off points electric heating element The electric heating element is part of the storage tank
Single-exchanger heater Single-exchanger heater suitable for photovoltaic system Storage tank suitable for photovoltaic system
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