Service and Warranty

We guarantee reliable operations and working of our water heaters during the whole lifetime.

Servis outside Czech Republic is realized trough export trade partners.

Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions valid from 1.1.2021.

To exchange a product or withdraw from a purchase agreement, relevant resolutions of the Civil Code are valid.

If a defect caused by either the user or an inevitable event (natural disaster) occurs on the product during warranty period, the product will be repaired free of charge.

The warranty period for the product is begins on the day of assembly to the end customer, (but no later than 6 months from the sale Drazice) for:

  • 5 years for water heater internal vessel and the flange lid
  • 5 years for accumulation tanks UKV, NAD and NADO
  • 4 years for water heater internal vessel type BTO and TO (except for TO 20)
  • 3 years for internal vessel including heat insulation in water heater type TO 20)
  • 2 years for water heaters PTO, MX, HA-DR, HA-DR T
  • 2 years for air condition AIR
  • 2 years for the wiring, heating element, and accessories
  • Spare parts warranty period is 24 months

1. Conditions of warranty claim:

  • The warranty certificate must be completed properly (confirming dates of both sale and assembly).
  • Product assembly must be implemented by an authorised person (confirmed in the warranty certificate, other confirmation).
  • Before the product commissioning, the buyer must study the operation-assembly regulations relevant for given product.

2. Warranty termination:

  • If the customer does not meet the conditions in point 1.
  • If a repair in the warranty period was not implemented by either the producer, seller or professional service.
  • If it is obvious that the defect was caused by improper assembly or use of the product.
  • If the product was not used in accordance with operation-assembly regulations given by either the seller or the manufacturer.
  • If the product was adjusted or its construction changed by an unauthorised person.
  • If the production plate with serial number is either damaged or missing.

3. Service:

  • Warranty service and post-warranty service is realized by the vendor (distribution partner) himself or through authorized service partners and contractors.

4. Complaints Procedure:

  • The end customer reports the defect type, serial number, type number, product purchase (installation) date (in the warranty certificate), and a brief defect description to the address of either a contractual service partner or the seller.
  • The customer waits for the arrival of a service engineer, who either removes the defect or takes other steps important for settling the claim.
  • The customer must never disassemble the product or remove it from the system (essential for defect evaluation)!
  • In case of an unjustified claim, the customer will be charged with claim related costs.

These warranty conditions are just for the informative purpose. Its full and detailed version is included inside the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

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